Bitumen Ductility Machine

Model ID: HW4508C

This instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D113 Standard Test Method for Ductility of Bituminous Materials. It is suitable to determine the distance to which it will elongate before breaking when two ends of a briquette specimen of the material are pulled apart at a specified speed and at a specified temperature.


I.  Main technical features

1. 10.1 inch 1024×600 coloured touch screen.

2.  High power compressor is adopted for refrigeration, with fast refrigeration speed.

3.  32-bit ARM microcontroller control, automatic display ductility data.

4.  Shield type cold heat balance pressurization cycle system, to ensure the temperature in the bath is uniform.

5.  Automatic detection, the average ductility value is automatically calculated and displayed, and the data is stored for easy query.


II.  Main technical specifications

1.  Power supply:  AC220V( -5%~+10%)50Hz

2.  Measuring range: 1500mm (±10mm)

3.  Temperature control method: shielded cooling and heating balance pressurizing circulation system

6.  Temperature control range:  (5~50) adjustable.  Resolution is 0. 01

7.  Temperature control accuracy:   ±0.1





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