Automatic Asphalt Softening Point Tester

Model ID: HW2806G


The instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D36 Standard Test Method for Softening of Bitumen (Ring-and-Ball Apparatus). It is suitable to determine softening point of petroleum asphalt, coal pitch, liquid petroleum asphalt, and various asphalts. It can be widely used for asphalt manufacturing companies, highway and bridge construction companies, relative colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.


I.  Main technical features

1.  This instrument adopts microcomputer to control the test.  Automatically stir, linear heating, automatically detect the result, automatically print test result.

2.  The beaker adopts high temperature resisting glass material.  The sizes of steel ring and ball can meet standards.

3.  Small desktop structure.  LCD display.  Light touch panel.  It can determine two samples at a time.  Easy to use and results reliable.

4.  Equips a RS-323C port.  Can communicate with PC


II.  Main technical specifications

1.  Power supply: AC 220V (Allowable error-5%+10%), 50 Hz;

2.  Measurement range:

(1) Heating medium: distilled water 5 80(softening point 80 )

(2) Heating medium: glycerin 32160(softening point >80 )

3.  Temperature resolution: 0. 01

4.  Heating rate: it will be adjusted to 5. 0±0. 5 / min automatically after three minutes






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