Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester

Model ID: CC2010A

The product is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D93 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. Advanced technology, simple operation, accurate test, good repeatability, high technology content is an ideal substitute for imported products.
1. Use color LCD widescreen display, all English man-machine dialogue interface, touch keyboard, can preset the value of the temperature, sample label, atmospheric pressure, test date and other parameters with a prompt menu prompt input;
2. Real-time tracking shows the heating rate and test time function curve;
3. With English operation, software failure tips, test date, test time and other parameters prompt function
4. Instrument can store 120 sets of historical data;
5. Automatically correct the impact of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculate the correction value;
6. Differential detection, automatic correction of system deviation;
7. Scan, ignition, detection, print data automatically completed without human intervention;
8. Tilt up and down, the test arm automatically rises and falls;
9. Forced air cooling.


Technical Parameters
1. Display: color touch screen

2. Temperature measurement:    measuring range: indoor temperature: -300;

                             Repeatability: ≤110  2; ≥110  4

Reproducibility: ≤6;

Resolution ratio: 0.1;

3. Temperature rise rate of sample:  step A: (5-6)/min;

Step B: (1-1.5)/min;

Manual fine adjustment.

4. Mixing speed:  (90-120) rotations/min; applicable for step A.

(250±10) rations/min, applicable step B.

Manual fine adjustment.

5. Ignition mode: gas flame (electronic ignition mode);

6. Test condition: ambient temperature: (10-40); relative humidity: ≤80%;

7. Overall power consumption: no larger than 500W.

8. Dimensions: (When the lifting arm is not lifted) 520mm*360 mm*310mm (L*W*H)

(When the lifting arm is lifted)520mm*360mm*420mm (L*W*H)

9. Working power supply:    AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

10. Detection mode: automatic test

11. Data output: print output, ignition: electronic ignition, gas flame

12. Communication: 232 standard interfaces






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