Automatic Penetrometer

Model ID: HW12801H


The instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D5.

 The instrument is suitable to determine the penetration of highway bitumen, modified asphalt, as well as liquid petroleum asphalt or residue of emulsified asphalt after evaporation.


I. Main technical specifications

1. Measurement accuracy of the instrument can reach to 0.6 penetrations.

2. New type penetrometer detection unit, and the test repeatability is stable.

3. It adopts high resolution capacitance touch screen, the information can be clearly displayed.

4. Special "Computer Drawing Software + Data Accurate Reading Technology", it can automatically draw and print the nomogram of asphalt penetration relationship.

5. It adopts new type lifting device.


II. Main technical specifications

1.Power supply: AC220±10%)V, 50Hz;

2. Measurement range: 0 penetration600 penetrations;

3. Resolution: 0.1 penetration

4. Timing range: 0s60 s, and the error is less than ±0.1 s

5. Data saved: 50 groups


III.  Optional accessories

Grease masher: It is used in the tests which determine the cone penetration of lubricating grease (or petrolatum)

2.  Sample cup: Grease sample cup

3.  Other cones:

1/2 scale cone, 1/4 scale cone






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