Low Temperature Cold Trap

Model ID: DWJ-3XD

Suitable for scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical industry and other departments for low temperature test. The stainless-steel tank space is large. The low temperature can be tested directly in the tank if adding refrigerating fluid. If installing a circulation pump, the refrigerating liquid can be used to externally circulate for providing the low temperature to the relevant equipment. If installing freezing device, it can be used to pre-freeze samples for LGJ manifold freeze dryer. Without refrigerating fluid in the tank, it can be used as a small low temperature freezer

Imported fully-enclosed refrigerator, large cooling capacity, high efficiency and reliability, low noise.

Specially-designed wrap-around cooler for even temperature.

Stainless steel tank, clean, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

The temperature measurement is digital and the accuracy is high.


Technical parameters

Minimum temp.: ≤-40

Recycling flow: 3L/min

Sink volume: 3L

Chamber dimensions: Φ200*160mm

Overall dimensions: 782*452*390mm


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