Multifunctional Low Temperature Tester

Model ID: LT1510F1

This instrument is suitable for the determination of condensation point, pour point and turbidity point of petroleum products in accordance with the above standards.


Main Technical Characteristics

1. The instrument consists of three parts: upper worktable, control panel and instrument box.

2. The instrument has powerful functions. It can measure the condensation point, pour point and cloud point of petroleum products according to the method prescribed by the standard. Cooperating with LT11, it can realize the cold filter point test of petroleum products.

3. Using single-chip computer control technology, the refrigeration temperature of the instrument can be intelligently controlled. The temperature of each cooling tank can be displayed in real time. The temperature setting and control parameters can be adjusted conveniently, and the temperature control accuracy is high.

4. Using metal bath, the refrigeration transmission is fast, the temperature is uniform, avoiding all kinds of troubles of using liquid bath, easy to use and high efficiency.

5. It has the function of automatic protection. If the temperature of any cold groove is abnormal, the instrument will automatically cut off the working power supply of the heating pipe and give an alarm by voice to avoid damaging the instrument.

6. It has the function of automatically opening and closing the compressor. It can set four different cold bath temperatures of the cold bath. The two bath temperatures of each tank are equal. The bath temperature can be as low as -70, and the temperature control precision is (±0.5).


II. Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz

2. Temperature control of chamber:

  (1) Chamber I: 0 , ±0.5 , temperatures in two cold baths are the same.

  (2) Chamber II: -17 ~0 , ±0.5 , temperatures in two cooling baths are the same.

  (3) Chamber III: -34 ~ -17 , ±0.5 ,temperatures in two cooling baths are the same.

  (4) Chamber IV: Ambient to -70 , ±0.5 , temperatures in two cooling baths are the same.

3. Refrigeration method: compressor refrigeration

4. Ambient temperature: 15 30

5. Relative humidity: ≤85%

6. Power consumption of whole machine: not more than 1700W

7. Dimensions: 810mm × 500mm × 840mm (length × width × height)





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