Existent Gum Content Tester

Model ID: EG21010A

Air Method Existent Gum Content Apparatus (3 holes), conforms to ASTM D381 standard. It is used to test existent gum content of aviation fuels, and the gum content of motor gasolines or other volatile distillates in their finished form, (including those containing alcohol and ether type oxygenates and deposit control additives)

EG21010A: equips with 5 holes



1.The instrument adopts metal bath, easy to use, safe and reliable. 

2.Three-hole can be experimented in the same time, three-group flowmeter show flow rate, efficient and fast.

3.Digital display temperature control, bath temperature is constant and accurate, digital timing device.

4.Instrument heating device adopts Stainless steel heating band to heat, warming speedy.

5.The instrument looks beautiful, good stability and long life.


Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

2.Power: 2000W

3.Temperature controlling method: Digital display temperature controller 

4.Evaporation bath temperature: 160~165 °C 

5.Temperature controlling point: 162 °C 

6.Temperature accuracy: ± 2 °C

7.Temperature sensor: Pt100 (Platinum resistor)

8.Metal bath Holes: Three holes 

9.Air flow: 1000±150ml/s

10.Ambient requirement: Temperature:10~40°C, Humidity≤85%

11. Net dimension: 730*480*510mm,37kg






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