Thermal Conductivity Tester

Model ID: DCT-S

Product introduction:

The thermal conductivity meter uses the transient plane source technique (TPS). Test performance is stable and data processing and analysis capability is high, can be used for thermal conductivity measurement of a variety of different types of materials.


Measurement objects:

Material Type: metals, ceramics, alloys, minerals, polymers, composites, paper, fabric, foam (flat surface insulating materials, sheet metal), polyurethane, phenolic, urea-formaldehyde, mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool), cement walls, glass reinforced composite panels CRC, cement polystyrene plates, sandwich concrete, glass and steel panels composite plates, paper honeycomb panels.


Technical parameters:

Test range: 0.005-500 W/(m * K)

Measuring temperature range: room temperature-130

Work environment: 0---40 

Probe diameter: 15 mm

Accuracy: ±3%

Repeatability error: ≤ 3%

Measuring time: 1 ~ 160 seconds

Power: AC 220V

Total Power:<500w< span="">


Instrument features:

1. A wide test range performance, stable test performance, at the advanced level of its similar instruments in the country.

2. Intelligent man-machine interface, large color screen LCD

3. Simple operation, short experimental testing time

4. Intelligent data processing, highly automated computer data communication system and report processing system

5. Automatic generation of test reports, connect the printer to print. Software built experimental records, data processing and reporting formats, automatic test report issued.






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