Heat Flux Method Thermal Conductivity Tester (Constant temperature)

Model ID: DCT-R

Product introduction:
This instrument mainly measures the thin thermal conductor, solid electric insulation, heat conduction resin, alumina ceramics, beryllium oxide porcelain ceramic thermal conductivity measurement.

Instrument reference standards: MIL - I - 49456A (insulation sheet, thermal resin, thermal conductivity fiberglass enhancement); GB5598-85 (beryllium oxide porcelain coefficient of thermal conductivity measuring method); D5470-95 (thin thermal conductivity sex solid electric insulation heat transfer performance testing standards), etc.

Widely used in large and medium-sized institutions, research departments, quality inspection department and factories’ material analysis detection.

Technical parameters:
1. Sample size: Φ 30mm
2. Sample thickness: 0.02-100mm
3. Temperature range: room temperature is -80°C, the highest can reach 300 °C
4. Power: 220V / 50HZ
5. Test range: 0.015 ~ 10W/m • k
6. Testing precision: better than 3%
7. Realize the automatic computer test, and realize data print-out





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