High Temperature Differential Thermal Analyzer

Model ID: DTA3332

High temperature differential thermal analyzer has been granted the National Patent. The Patent Number is 201120337217.3


Product introduction:
Our company self-developed thermal analyzer series products are mainly oriented to industrial users, scientific research and teaching, widely used in all kinds of materials and product research and development in chemical field, process optimization and new quality inspection, etc, mainly measuring heat-related physical and chemical changes, such as physical melting point, crystallization melting hot phase crystallization heat, heat, heat stability (oxidation induced phase), glass transition temperature, etc.

Technical parameters:
1. The temperature range: room temperature ~ 1600 °C
2. measuring range:  0 ~ ±2000μV
3. DTA precision: ±0.1μV
4. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 °C / min
5. Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
6. Temperature 0.1 °C accuracy: ±0.1°C
7. Temperature repeatability: ±0.2°C
8. Temperature control:
Warming temperature: program control 
(User can adjust parameters according to requirements)
Cooling temperature: air-cooled program control
(User can select from semiconductor cooling system, liquid nitrogen cooling system and so on.)
Constant temperature: program control (User can set the time arbitrarily)
9. Body Structure: Use the structure of the cover to replace the traditional lifting furnace, with high precision and easy operation.
10. Atmosphere control: (optional) gas flow meter, atmosphere conversion device
11. Data interface: RS - 232 serial communication supporting data and operating software
12. Display: English Characters Big LCD Screen (mask LCD)
13. Parameters of Standard: Equipped with standard.
(User can correct the temperature)
14. Baseline adjustment: Users can adjust the baseline by changing baseline slope and intercept                    15. Work power: AC 220V 50Hz






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