Oil Separation Apparatus for grease

Model ID: OI22021


Oil Separation Apparatus for grease conforms to the ASTM D6184 standard Test Method for Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease (Conical Sieve Method). The apparatus covers the determination of the tendency of lubricating grease to separate oil at an elevated temperature. This test method shall be conducted at 100°C for 30 h unless other conditions are required by the grease specification.


1.The apparatus consists of beaker, steel mesh, covered beaker, hooking and other components.

2.The apparatus uses glass no mouth beaker, 200 ml, easy to observe, high thermostability.

3.The apparatus adopts the stainless steel mesh, 60 mesh, with metal beam, easy to extract.

4.The apparatus is equipped with a roof, link with beaker closely, with very good heat preservation effect, in the center of the bottom cover with hook for hanging steel mesh, easy to operate.

Technical parameters

1.Stainless steel wire mesh: 60 mesh

2.Beaker: High-type, no mouth, 200ml

3.Beaker cover: Aluminum alloy

4.Ambient requirements:Temperature:10~40°C; Humidity≤85%





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