Automatic Polarimeter

Model ID: AP-WZZ-2B (2A)


Polarimeter is the instrument which determines substance optical rotation. Through measuring the sample optical rotation, could analyze and confirm matter concentration, content and purity, etc. widely used in industrial manufacture, scientific research, teaching department, such as pharmacy, drug test, refine sugar, food, spice, monosodium glutamate, chemical engineering, petroleum, etc, which is used in chemical analysis and process quality control.



The feature of AP-WZZ-2B automatic polarimeter is using luminous diode as light source, whose lifetime is more than 20,000 hours, instead of sodium lamp which is of low lifetime , easily damaged. In this way it greatly eliminate inconvenience caused by changing sodium lamp frequently. Adopt photoelectric detection and microcomputer control technology, large screen backlight liquid crystal display, clear and intuitive data, could automatically test optical rotation 3 times, and calculate the average value. AP-WZZ-2B is equipped with RS232 interface, could send the data to PC machine.


Main technical parameter:

Measurement pattern: optical rotation

Light source / LED luminous diode + interference filter wave length: 589.44mm

Measurement range: -45°~+45°

Minimum measuring range0.002°

Degree of accuracy±  (0.01°+ measured value× 0.05%

Repeatability ≤0.01°

Measurable sample min transmitting filters: 10%

Weight: 25kg

Instrument dimension: 600mm×330mm×270mm

Instrument grade: 0.05 class





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