Automatic Polarimeter (constant temperature)

Model ID: AP-SGWZZ-2


The feature of AP-SGWZZ-2 automatic polarimeter is using luminous diode as light source, whose lifetime is more than 20,000 hours, instead of sodium lamp which is of low lifetime ,easily damaged, also instead of

halogen tungsten lamp of higher temperature. In this way it greatly eliminate inconvenience caused by changing sodium lamp frequently. There are four test modes, optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar degree, could automatically test 6 times repeatedly, and calculate average value and mean square root. could test dark sample. There are heat and cool function on AP-SGWZZ-2 Peltier device, there are also heat and cool function on temperature control function device. If using temperature-controlled type test tube, could control temperature and measure to sample optical rotation. Large screen liquid crystal display (LCD) provides man-machine dialog menu operation mode, simple and intuitive, stable and reliable. Instrument adopt large screen touch liquid crystal display (LCD).


Main technical parameter:

Measurement mode: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar content

Light source: light emitting diode (LED red light source ) ( sodium D spectrum)

Operating wavelength: 589.3nm

Measurement range: ± 45°(optical rotation)  ±120 (sugar content)

Measurable sample minimum transmittance: 1%

Minimum reading: 0.001°  (optical rotation

Indication error ±0.01°  (-15°≤optical rotation≤+15°

±0.02°  (optical rotation-15°or optical rotation+15°

Repeatability (standard deviation):0.002°  (optical rotation

Temperature control range: 15°C-30°C

Temperature control degree of accuracy: ±0.5°C

Display mode: huge screen (9cm*12cm,320*240 point) dot-matrix color liquid crystal display

test tube: 200mm, 100mm, ordinary type, 100mm temperature control

Output communication port: USB 1.1 and RS232 serial interface chosen by screen menu

Power: 220V±22V ,50Hz±1 Hz,250W

Instrument dimension: 700mm×350mm×270mm

Instrument grade: 0.02 class

Weight: 28kg






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