Oil in Water Quality Online Automatic Monitor

Model ID: OT- EP9000

OT- EP9000 model is the newest product developed by our company, the product can automatically take sample, extract, filter, measure, discharge waste, which is used to measure oil content of sea water, surface water, sewage and industrial waste water, mainly used in the petroleum and petrochemical production monitoring, all kinds of automatic environmental monitoring stations, enterprises discharging sewage, sewage plants, etc.


Main instrument characteristics:

1. Monitoring of full automation: That is automatically taking sample ,quantitative, extraction, filtration, measurement, automatic discharging waste , cleaning and storing data.

2. Can be automatically and continuously measure: instrument could be set to work for 72 hours continuously.

3. Remote control: through the Internet or the WIFI can realize remote control operations and send measuring data;

4. Three wave number infrared photometric method measures: to ensure the measuring accuracy, in line with national standards.

5. Original , stereo type side stirring extraction system: the extraction is more fully and completely solving the problem of inadequate extraction.

6. Healthy and safety: Don’t need the operator to participate in the extraction, without contacting with carbon tetrachloride, to ensure the healthy and safety of the operator.

7. Advanced filtering device, instead of the function of sodium sulfate, effectively remove water impurity.

8. The extraction system adopts completely anticorrosive and non-oleophylic PTFE material, and run cleaning process, furthest reducing the cross of high and low concentration.


Technical index:

Detection limit



RSD1% (20-100mg/L Oil sample determined   11 times)

Measurement accuracy

±5   %

Linear dependence


Wavelength repeatability

±1   cm-1

Extraction efficiency


Main machine net weight


Main machine external dimension


Instrument measurement range


Instrument quality


Working power

220±25V,   (50±1)Hz






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